The company was founded in 1972 by Georg Schmaus. He had years of experience in the injection moulding Industry from the 1960's and 1970's and right from the start of his company he specialised in the injection moulding business.
His son, Werner Schmaus, took over the company in 1986. Since then the company has steadily renewed its equipment.
1996 / 1997
In 1996 Werner Schmaus established a new company plant, as a result of which the entire production plant and all equipment were renewed and converted to new-production processes. This enabled us to enlarge our production capacities.
Our modern production process enabled us to increase our capacities steadily. The production machines are built by Krauss Maffai belonging to the C-production series with a closing power from 50 tons up to 420 tons. Furthermore, we have two electronic injection moulding machines since 2018. Modern robot technology supports the production process and the high-quality of our production is ensured by regular quality controls.